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Star flight bouquet

Large Selection of Patterns:

Lighthouses, Mountains, Wildflowers, Bed quilt patterns

Lighthouse patterns (109), wildflowers (6), Rocky Mountain blocks (12), candy cupboard, fruit n veggie cupboard, Cowboy Boots 'n Hats,  Bed quilts (2), These patterns are also known as Karen's Quilt Patterns.

Realistic lighthouses, wildflowers, Rocky Mountain series, and candy cupboard quilt patterns for sale here online.  The lighthouse patterns are from many different states, designed by a boater.  The lighthouses, wildflowers and Rocky Mountain series are quilt block patterns. The  candy cupboard quilt pattern is for an art quilt wall hanging. The Cowboy Boots 'n Hats pattern is made of assorted fun bandana prints!

ORDERING PROCESS:  My patterns and quilts are sold thru Etsy.com.  When you choose which pattern or quilt to order on this website, you'll be taken to my Etsy store page to process your order.  I'll be mailing out your patterns just as before.  The only difference is how the sale is processed.


Lighthouse Quilt Block Patterns Wildflower quilt block patterns Mountain cabin quilt block

Wildflower & landscape patterns

Prices reduced on Wildflowers!

Rocky Mtn quilt patterns

Prices reduced on Mountains!

Quilts for sale


All quilts are original designs, no two alike . . .                     art quilts,wall hangings.

fishing boats

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