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Custom made and art quilts

Custom quilts by Karen (made to order). Get quilt ideas here from other customers.  Call me to discuss your custom quilt to be made.

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Horse, mountain quilt

Custom Baby quilt with memories 2018

28.5” w x 32.75” h  Original design, pieced, and appliquéd.  100% cotton fabrics, and specialty fabrics for some appliques. Border diamonds are pieces of saved baby/kids clothing for memories.  Longarm quilted, hand guided and computerized.  Hobbs 100% cotton batting.  

Baby quilt close-up

Baby quilt with horse

Pantry cupboard

Custom Pantry Cupboard 2017

32” w x 43” h  Original design, pieced, and appliquéd.  100% cotton fabrics, and specialty fabrics for some appliques. Longarm quilted, hand guided, with Polyester threads. Hobbs Polydown batting for trapunto.  Hobbs 80/20 for overall batting. 

Pantry cupboard

Pantry cupboard close-up

Custom butterflies  

Custom Butterflies 2016

43.5" x 35.5", Ombre background, butterflies constructed with assorted fabrics from clothing, tulle overall. Longarm machine quilted.

Butterfly quilt

Butterfly quilt close up

Seascape baby quilt

Seascape 2016

38" x 47"  Cotton print panel, 2 borders, Hobbs cotton batting, Cotton seashell print on back. Quilted on home machine.

Seascape baby quilt                 Seascape baby quilt                   Seascape baby quilt backside

Margaritaville quilt

Margaritaville 2016

40" x 47"  Tropical cotton prints set on point on dark blue background, a raspberry border, Hobbs cotton batting, Cotton Toucan print on back. Longarm machine quilted.

           Margaritaville backside               Baby quilt close-up

                 Backside                           Close-up

Hockey memories 2011

71" x 101", black tone on tone cotton background, Hobbs 80/20 batting, Stonehenge grey/brown back.

Custom quilting along with dbd hockey panto overall.

Winter Wonderland quilt

Winter Wonderland, 2010

Flannel quilt 70" x 80". Pieced large rectangles with large sashing to be able to view the beautiful winter landscape prints. Quilted with pine trees and pine cones.

Winter Wonderland quilt Winter Wonderland quilt Winter Wonderland backside

Big cones, queen bed quilt, 2008.

Appliqued cone flowers. Quilting design based on the cone flower appliques.

Big Banana, 2008

60" x 81", curved piecing.

Wholecloth Leaves, 2008

Kingsize reversible bed quilt. Brown side is flannel, ivory side is cotton. Lone Star quilting motif in center. Leaves quilted in surrounding areas.

Middle Eden, 2007

68" x 59" wall quilt, appliqued.

Smith Point Lighthouse, 2007

48" x 60", pieced

Colorado Compass, 2007

Raffle quilt for C.Springs Quilt Guild. 73" x 89". Photos on fabric, pieced and paper pieced by K.Kukse and K.Cain.

Salvation, 2007

50" x 41", Curved piecing, embroidery, text printed on fabric

Sunset & Silhouettes, 2006

30" x 28", Convergence style quilt

Evergreen Sky, 2006

55" x 20", Photos on fabric, curved piecing

Camellia, 2005

63" x 63", curved piecing

Yin Yang, 2005

72" x 74", curved piecing, pieced

Tropical Leaves, 2005

65" x 72", applique

Halle's Redstars, 2001

81" x 90", pieced and applique

Mom & Dad's Memories, 2001

60" x 72", pieced, some photos on fabric