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Karen, the owner of QuiltPatternsMore.com, was born and grew up in northeast Ohio in the small rural town, Chesterland. Mom got me interested in sewing at a very young age.  Starting in Blue Birds making bean bags, then Camp Fire Girls,  4-H sewing club, home-ec in junior high.  These took me from simple sewing projects on to more complex clothing items.  In a few years I was making most all my own clothes including tailored suits for work.   

In the mid '80's my husband and I moved onto our 35’ Alberg sailboat, our first liveaboard boat. I stopped making clothes and the boating passion took over.

We traveled for one year onboard our boat, from the Great Lakes to the Florida Keys, then settled in Annapolis, MD.   This was followed by many more moves landside and on boats.  Lots more traveling on boats thru the Caribbean, Bahamas, Bermuda, New England, and Great Lakes. I spent several years working in the yacht industry.

My landside moves included Florida, North Carolina, Colorado, California, back to Florida, now  in Tennessee enjoying the mountain views.

Start of my quilting passion:

I started quilting in 2000, after I took a beginners’ quilting class and loved it.  Since then, I’ve been hooked.  My fabric stash fills many cupboards in my quilt studio.  A quilt book library has grown extensively and many patterns have piled up. 

While living aboard our motoryacht, I started designing the Chesapeake Bay lighthouse patterns.  As you can see, the lighthouses are my specialty. The lighthouses are special to me because of my many years of boating which started in 1976.  The lighthouses are an important part of navigation.  They all have a particular meaning to boaters. 

In 2004, after moving to  CO, I started my quilting business, which at first, was longarm quilting, then it progressed into some custom made quilts and publishing my patterns.  Now, my business includes designing / publishing patterns and designing / making custom quilts by request. 

I’m so thankful that God has blessed me with the opportunities to live on and travel on several different boats (sail and power) that I’ve been able to own with my husband at different times.

I’m also thankful for the God given talent to create art out of fabric, because, as you know, being a quilter, we love our fabric. 

I'm a member of American Quilter’s Society.

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope other quilters will enjoy my patterns. They can be purchased here on my website. 

Please feel free to e-mail me any questions you may have regarding my patterns, or quilting in general.